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Project Planning

Project Planning Services for Photovoltaic Projects and Power Plants

DILICIENCY is offering to support your project planning activities with i.a. the following services :

  • Feasibility Studies and -Assessments for Project-Ideas, Early-Stage-Projects, Greenfield-Developments etc.
  • System-Design-Optimisation – finding the “best” System-Design matching your individual project characteristics
  • System-Design and -Technology Definition – Inverters, Modules, Racking, Planning Parameters
  • Plant Design – Layouts, Single Line Diagrams, Yield Reports etc. according to individual development levels
  • Engineering of Grid Connections
  • Coordination of planning-related studies and reports such as GeoTech, Hydrology, Topography etc.
  • Drafting, Design and Management of RfP- / Tender-Structures and -Documentations
  • Red Flag Due Diligence of 3rd Party Design & Engineering

We challenge and validate existent designs and concepts provided by 3rd parties but also create and design individually according to your project- and investment needs.